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OCEAN offers two main types of memberships



Individual Members contribute to an informed, engaged coastal community, pay annual membership dues, are eligible to serve on one of the Boards and can vote at OCEANs annual meeting.

Individual Membership Benefits

  • Vote at Annual Meeting

  • Board Service*

  • Networking Opportunities



(businesses, agencies or other organizations)


Business Members support OCEAN's efforts to educate and inform, pay annual membership dues, are eligible to serve on one of the Boards and can vote at OCEANs annual meeting.

Business Membership Benefits

  • Vote at Annual Meeting.

  • Board Service*

  • Networking Opportunities

*Individual residents and businesses of the Oregon coast are eligible to serve on OCEAN's Board of Directors, non-residents are eligible to serve on the Executive Advisory Board. 


OCEAN strives for maximum inclusion and representation, particularly from our Oregon coastal community. 

OCEAN accepts donations at whatever level you can afford.

To become a PROVISIONER please fill out the form below and an OCEAN staff member will contact you.
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OCEAN also offers a special sponsorship opportunity.

Any contributions of $2,500 or more makes you a Provisioner.

Provisioners receive additional recognition for the sponsorship of mission critical activities.

PROVISIONER Sponsorship opportunities include;

Monthly Webinars:  OCEAN supports an informed and engaged citizenry.  Our monthly webinars offer OCEAN goers a regular update on coastal Oregon energy matters and a deeper understanding in areas of targeted inquiry.  Sponsor(s) will be recognized at monthly webinars and in webinar materials that are distributed to over 100 OCEAN goers around the world.


Coastal Collaborative Environmental Inquiry: One of OCEANs key strategies is to identify data gaps in the existing body of information that are necessary to help Oregonians make informed decisions about OSW and other advanced energy technologies, and to advocate for funding of activities to fill those data gaps, with a preference for research and analysis to be conducted by Oregonians.  Sponsor(s) are recognized at all OCEAN Environment meetings and presentations as well as in the Environment Chair email sign off.  


Outreach - electronic presence: newsletter, g mail account, television, radio and other methods, as appropriate to better inform and engage Oregonians on coastal energy security, economic development and climate action through clean energy technologies.  The sponsor will receive recognition in all printed and spoken outreach.  


As health considerations allow, OCEAN will commence with in person engagement activities also available for sponsorship:


Outreach - boots on ground: tabling, sipping civilly and other in person activities.  OCEAN recognizes the importance of fellow Oregonians providing information, seaking input and facilitating conversations in casual environments that are familiar to those who would be most impacted by energy development projects such as OSW.  Sponsor(s) will be recognized through signage at tabling events and signage and verbal recognition at cultivated group discussions in local watering holes, breakfast spots and other gathering spaces frequented by stakeholders.


Outreach - educational: outreach in our K-post secondary schools and training centers to support the preparation of coastal youth for 21st century clean energy sector careers.  Sponsor(s) will be recognized in all instruction, presentations or other educationally supportive materials. A single provisioner may sponsor this entire activity for $25k.


Travel and Overhead: for critical stakeholders from our coastal community to directly engage with members of the global advanced clean energy sector.  Sponsor(s) will be recognized at events that travelers are participating in as well as in newsletters, webinars or on website postings reporting on the travel activities. 

Coastal Community Event: sponsorships for regular community events such as performing arts, cooking competitions, youth activities

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