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The average residential electricity rate in Coos Bay is 10.38¢/kWh. This average (residential) electricity rate in Coos Bay is 5.92% greater than the Oregon average rate of 9.8¢/kWh.


By 2030, Statoil says, it hopes to bring the cost of floating offshore wind down to $50-74 per MWh.



A Major Transformation is taking place Globally.


Floating offshore wind has been deployed in UK and Germany creating 50,000 new jobs for local economies.

Industrial Scale Floating Offshore Wind Farms

are coming to the west coasts of Oregon and California. 

The hunt is on to locate a port capable of staging turbines and components, accommodating assembly and the fabrication of parts, and maintaining these structures. This base of operations will reap the benefits of this new industry, diversifying the economy and providing thousands of sustainable family-wage jobs.


There is a window of opportunity

to leverage the superior port facilities at Coos Bay.


With a focused effort, Coos Bay can secure the construction, operations and maintenance activities for these projects. Coos Bay and Oregon can become a major hub on the Pacific coast for this promising new industry. 


There are 47,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity installed in the U.S. The authors of a new study say that for each megawatt of wind capacity, a county gains half a job and just over $11,000 in total personal income.  

November 2012


Economic Impacts from Wind Energy in Colorado Case Study: Rush Creek Wind Farm

Researchers engaged with communities near the Rush Creek Wind Farm to collect empirical economic data.

Researchers interviewed 39 local community members including business owners, managers, employees, county commissioners, and economic development office representatives. Interviews provided insight into on the ground effects on the local people and the economy. 

  • Approximately 67% of responding businesses experienced increases in revenue from the previous year, with 11% seeing significant additional revenue. Of these businesses, 58% selected Rush Creek as one of the factors contributing to revenue growth.

  • Around 28% of respondents hired new people in the past year. Of these businesses, 80% attributed Rush Creek construction as one of the factors contributing to the need for new hiring.

  • Approximately 56% of employees worked more hours than last year. Of these businesses, 60% attributed increased hours worked to Rush Creek construction. 

September 2019


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